Home Campus is a web based software program used by high schools to manage their sports scheduling as well as some of their school events.  Below is a list of some of the features:


1.  Facility Manager

2.  Multiple Level Scheduling Platform

3.  Scheduling School & Non School Activities

4.  Sport Permission Accounts (allow coaches to only input and have access to their sport)

5.   Template Feature that will allow you to schedule multiple games at once

6.  League Scheduler - Allow you to schedule all league games at once

7.   Transportation Manager - Share and communicate with transportation companies easily to fill bus orders

8.   Schedules of your choosing can be embedded on your schools sites automatically.

9.  Schedule Sharing - Parents, students, fans, etc, can subscribe to schedules by going directly to the schools website.

10.  Extensive Reporting Area that will also you to extract data from the product.


Home Campus has become the athletic scheduling software of choice because of it's ease of use and incredible time saving ability.  Home Campus has saved many of our clients countless hours per year by making the switch!


Home Campus

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