CIF Home

CIF Home is a web based software program for High School Sport State & Section Associations and their member schools.  CIF Home was launched in Summer of 2012 and is used by the CIF Southern Section (579 Member schools), CIF San Diego Section (124 Member Schools), CIF LA City Section (128 Member Schools), and the CIF Central Coast Section (143 Member Schools).


CIF Home has received high praise by the sections and their member schools.  Below is a list of just some of the features.


1.  Automated Online School Directory

2.  Electronic Transfer Process

3.  Game Scheduling & Reporting

4.  Playoff Management

       a.  Roster & Eligibility Lists

       b.  Ticket Manager

       c.  Financial Revenue & Expense Reporting

5. Dues & Account Receivable

6.  Survey Creator

7.  Email List Creator & Message Center

8.  Games & Coaches Wanted

9.  Sanctioned Events

10.  Academic Awards

11.  And Much More!


If you would like more information about CIF Home please click here to contact us.


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