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Wes Carty, President

(He's not really a cartoon)


CWS (Carty Web Strategies) was founded in September 2007 by Wes Carty after Graduating from Whittier College in Southern California.  While Wes was in college, he started playing around with buying and selling things on eBay for profit.  During college he became very successful and took pride in making a profit on every single one of the 1000s of transactions.  The success on eBay led him to create a website selling golf clubs that were completely sourced through eBay while still studying in college.  He was able to create a specific formula for buying and selling that would product good sized profits.


Wes' early success with eBay and Internet marketing lead him to start CWS.  The original idea of the company was to be a web design and Internet marketing company; focusing mostly on helping companies with their online presence.  As the company has grown and matured it has now found its niche in specialized software products focusing on productivity and efficiency.


CWS has worked with accredited companies and organization.  They would include American Red Cross, USC (University of Southern California), and CIF (California Interscholastic Federation).  CWS' work with CIF has translated into created two products used for high school sports organizations and the high schools themselves.  CWS is poised to become the leader in High School Sports software.


CWS is office is located in Whittier, California, which is just about 20 miles east of Downtown Los Angeles.

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